The Latex Lounge

A free* fetish photo gallery by Mark McQueen

Luscious latex, people inside balloons, fire-eaters, human doormats, corsets, bondage, discipline, slaves, French maids, and cruel shoes. They're all here.

Free Latex Fetish Photo GalleryMini Skirts, Women's Clothing, Skin Tight Clothes, Erotic ClothingThe Latex Lounge is divided into 3 Rubber Rooms: The first, "Fetish Fantasies" consists of images I created specifically for gallery exhibitions and eventually for a book. Most have been exhibited as fine art prints of 20" x 30" and larger. These images are available online as limited-edition, fine-art prints.

The second rubber room, "Fetish Fashions" is a gallery of my personal favorites from years of working with The Baroness, America's leading Designer/Manufacturer of High-Quality, Elegant and Provocative Latex fashions for those who really love to dress. These are fashion images of models wearing her regular line as well as couture items, most of which exist as exquisite, one-of-a-kind creations.

Finally, "Fetish Retinue" is a sampling of favorite images from New York's longest-running monthly fetish party, now in its fifth year. Providing "a Safe Place to do Dangerous Things", The Baroness holds court in the intimate Alphabet Lounge in New York's East Village. On the first Sunday of each month, the fetish elite join curious newcomers in a semi-benign atmosphere of playful —and sometimes painful— exploration of a different fetish.The resulting body of work covers a wide range of fetishes and is a unique, panoramic view of the fetish/SM scene in downtown Manhattan.

Enter the Fetish Photo Gallery

Together, these 3 galleries contain some of the best of a very satisfying collaboration with The Baroness, who happens to be my fetish.

*A note about the photos: All images in this gallery have been registered with the US Copyright office. They are provided here for your personal enjoyment only. No reproduction of any kind -electronic or otherwise- is permitted without permission. Contact Mark McQueen for more information.

About The Baroness' Elegant, Provocative Latex Clothing

Mini Skirts, Women's Clothing, Skin Tight Clothes, Erotic ClothingMost of the high-quality women's clothing you see in this gallery is available online from The Baroness. See the most sensual clothing on the net, not only in high-quality catalog images, but throughout a web site heavily-illustrated with provocative photos, all devoted to the most erotic clothing you'll find: Fetish Latex Clothes!

Visit the Latex Gallery of fetish pics, the online catalog, and the many other sections all filled with information on erotic clothes and free latex photos! The site contains no pop-ups, no members-only section, no ads. Just hundreds of fetish pictures, information, and an online catalog with a secure server. And it's always FREE! No Registration Of Any Kind Required!

The Baroness' Latex Women's clothing consists of just about anything you can imagine, including Short Tight Skirts, Micro & mini skirts, Long Tight Skirts, Skin Tight Dresses, special occasion dresses, Even jackets, accessory sleeves, capes, and bizarre rubber inflatables and uniforms.

When most people think of latex clothes, they imagine shiny, skin-tight clothes. But The Baroness also makes long, flowing coats and capes with amazing drape and drama.

And while latex clothing for women has appeared on the runways of many famous designers, The Baroness also features a complete line of mens clothes, including thongs, briefs, mod shirts, stretchy rubber pants, latex shorts, rubber vests, and more.

Mini Skirts, Women's Clothing, Skin Tight Clothes, Erotic Clothing